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Trend Predictions – A/W 2018

Barney and the team are excited about their trend predictions for A/W 2018. We are seeing a return to strong, technical haircuts. The kind of hair that does itself. Short haircuts that are both strong yet soft, cut by a passionate professional are a high fashion not a high maintenance look. The winter fringe will… Read More>

Posted on 28/02/2018 + SHARE
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Pixie Perfect cut for Beauticate

Pixie cuts can be the most flattering and versatile cuts for clients who want some flexibility with the hair without being a precision cut – which really do require regular visits to keep the cut in it’s precise and perfect style! Pixie cuts can go without a visit to the hairdressers for a couple of… Read More>

Posted on 23/11/2017 + SHARE
glacage, balayage, barney martin, marie claire

Glaçage Is The New Balayage And The Results Are Breathtaking

HELLO glacage and hello to the Marie Claire crew and their lustrous locks – they tried our new glacage treatment and LOVED IT! Bored with your balayage? Or maybe your hair colour is looking a little lacklustre and you’re in need of a subtle refresh. Before you book in for the usual, allow us to introduce… Read More>

Posted on 26/10/2017 + SHARE
change your life, marie claire, barney martin, hair

10 Hair Products that will change your life

We all need SOMETHING and presented to you right now are 10 hair products that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thanks to the mega babes at Marie Claire for taking time out to chat to Barney about the best tools in the business. 1; Hairspray 2; Leave in treatment 3; Sea Salt Spray 4; Curling Wand 5; Brush… Read More>

Posted on 13/09/2017 + SHARE
blow out, hair, salon, barney martin, blowdry

Blow outs that last for days!

Wondered how you can increase the life of your blow out? Barney and the Elle crew caught up with the tips and tricks of the trade. The right products are essential! We Love R+Co’s Chiffon mousse available here we are also advocates of silk pillowcases. Not only much kinder to skin (not to mention the Hollywood… Read More>

Posted on 29/07/2017 + SHARE