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  • marie claire instyle gloss smudge hair
  • marie claire instyle gloss smudge hair

Gloss Smudging Technique

Posted on 19/04/2017

Senior Colourist Penny gave the gorgeous girls at Marie Claire the low down on what the terms of this technique mean…

“We know, we know: you’ve had enough of nonsensical hair terms. First balayage, then ombre, sombre, bronde, blorange, hair contouring – we get it.

But gloss smudging isn’t just more hair jargon – in fact, if you’d rather prolong time between appointments and save some hard-earned dollars (*frantically raises hands*), it’s a technique you need to know about.

Think of it as a way to extend the life of your highlights, while also radically improving their look. “Gloss smudging is great for refreshing existing colour and a brilliant introduction to colour as well, as it’s subtle with no obvious regrowth – it fades out as opposed to growing out,” explains Penny, senior colourist at acclaimed Sydney salon Barney Martin 2.

Added bonus: as the name suggests, it also imparts a gorgeous high-shine finish.”

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