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Posted on 25/02/2017

Forever in trend Cosmo asked us about a new hue for Autumn!

“If you’re not too familiar with the term blorange, we forgive you. It is a brand spankin’ new word and all. Blorange is a hair colour that’s not-quite-blonde, not-quite-orange and not-quite-pastel-pink, as Georgia May Jagger depicts:

While we love the way blorange hair looks in pictures, we’re sceptical about how it would really fare IRL.

As Jo, Senior Colourist at Barney Martin in Darlinghurst explains, blorange doesn’t lend itself to every hair type. “Blonde-orange is best suited to light browns to lighter hued hair,” she says. “Skin tone that has a golden or olive base works beautifully.”

However, if your skin tone is on the cooler end of the spectrum, you can still make it work. “A clever colourist can always adjust and cool off any warmness to suit depth and tone on a more brunette base.” [Author’s note: Need to find a ‘clever colourist’, stat!]

Unless you’re a natural blonde, you will most likely have to bleach your tresses first. The process could be quite lengthy. “Lighter browns to lighter blondes are more successful and require less time,” Jo continues. “The thicker and darker the hair the longer the process time will take. The key thing is to get the hair lifted to the right level this could take up to an hour and a half.”

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