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  • BM2 - 295 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst

When Beauticate visits BM2

We aren’t blowing our own trumpet but wanted to share a lovely feature from the fabbo team at   “Just two blocks from busy Oxford Street in Darlinghurst sits the unassuming little sister salon of Surry Hills’ Barney Martin, BM2. Recently celebrating it’s first birthday, the more intimate slice of the OG salon – that has… Read More>

Posted on 23/11/2017 + SHARE

Glaçage Is The New Balayage And The Results Are Breathtaking

Big HELLO to the Marie Claire crew and their lustrous locks – they tried our glacage treatment and LOVED IT! Bored with your balayage? Or maybe your hair colour is looking a little lacklustre and you’re in need of a subtle refresh. Before you book in for the usual, allow us to introduce glaçage (pronounced ‘glossage’),… Read More>

Posted on 26/10/2017 + SHARE

10 Hair Products that will change your life

We all need SOMETHING and presented to you right now are 10 hair products that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thanks to the mega babes at Marie Claire for taking time out to chat to Barney about the best tools in the business. 1; Hairspray 2; Leave in treatment 3; Sea Salt Spray 4; Curling Wand 5; Brush… Read More>

Posted on 13/09/2017 + SHARE

Longer lasting blowdrys!

Those clever ladies at Elle picked Barney’s brains about how to make your blow dry last longer… “Have you ever skipped out of the hairdresser on a Wednesday evening with perfectly blowdryed hair, only to wake up with boring ol’ flat hair on Thursday? Same. Turns out, there are a few things you can do to ensure your blowdry lasts more than… Read More>

Posted on 29/07/2017 + SHARE
marie claire instyle gloss smudge hair

Gloss Smudging Technique

Senior Colourist Penny gave the gorgeous girls at Marie Claire the low down on what the terms of this technique mean… “We know, we know: you’ve had enough of nonsensical hair terms. First balayage, then ombre, sombre, bronde, blorange, hair contouring – we get it. But gloss smudging isn’t just more hair jargon – in… Read More>

Posted on 19/04/2017 + SHARE